Charm was our resident pony on the farm.  She pre-dated my arrival, so she was a part of my memories from the beginning.  The old chicken coop, which was really a smaller barn, was divided in half.  Charm lived in one side and Silver, an Alaskan Malamute who had adopted us, lived in the other.  They each had their own large fenced area outside of the barn in the grass, providing them with ability to traverse inside and outside whenever they wanted.

Charm was a Shetland pony, a beautiful blond color.  She came from my other grandfather’s farm not far away.  I don’t ever recall riding on her, but she was trained to pull a buggy.  Grandpa would help us hitch her up and we would direct her back and forth thru the freshly cut fields and then around the barns and up and down the driveway.  She was sometimes a reluctant participant in these escapades and would contribute to the action by stopping suddenly to eat some grass or taking off fast leaving us bumping and jumping in the seat until we could get her to slow down.   None of the trips lasted too long as either she or the passengers would get tired.  She was most content just grazing in her pasture and greedily accepting treats when offered.

When we sold the farm and moved to the Upper Peninsula, Charm made the trip.  Though she was old, she was a part of the farm and of our family, we would not leave her behind or find her a new home.  My dad had a large Ford truck with a topper and Charm was just small enough to fit in and still stand up.  With a heavily bedded area for her, she was loaded up early one morning and bravely made the hours long journey to the north.  Upon arriving at the new farm, she found a different farm but with similarities, like a warm barn and green grass.  There she ruled as the queen pony until she was well into her 20’s.  As one of the animals we had the longest, she was laid to rest in a place of honor on the farm and whenever I see a horse and buggy, I think of Charm and those wild rides with her at the helm.

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